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Keys 2 Success is an all-volunteer non-profit organization committed to supporting individuals at all stages of their career and education journeys. We provide innovative tools to start a new career, increase skills for a current career, and navigate campus life for new college students.


The Founder of Keys 2 Success, Dr. Grace Bergeron, is a dedicated professional with more than 25 YEARS of experience in the fields of Higher Education and Student Services. Supporting Dr. Bergeron is a volunteer team of Career and Education professionals dedicated to fulfilling the Keys 2 Success mission.


Dr. Grace Bergeron



The Keys 2 Success mission is to empower first-generation students to achieve their full potential by providing academic, student life, and early career advice. Once we build a personalized profile for our students, we will provide templates and lists of our many support resources through the Keys 2 Success website.


Keys 2 Success envisions closing the achievement gap by increasing the graduation rate for First Generation (FG) college students to be closer to 77% than the current 9%* and where no FG student has to navigate their path alone. The goals and objectives of Keys 2 Success extend beyond just being the first place FG students search when they need help navigating the unfamiliar, not sure what questions to ask, or learn how to ask a fellow student for needed information.




At Keys 2 Success, we assist our clients with the tools they need to secure their first job. We provide strategies that will make a positive impact on our clients’ careers.


Keys 2 Success provides tools and processes to make your job search more enjoyable and less stressful. This may or may not include the latest on resume skills, personal branding strategies, differentiating your skills for your new career, and so much more.

We also help you target where you will land next and how to position yourself for a great new title and salary. To stay current with career trends, our professional volunteer staff is constantly attending conferences, meetings, and classes to ensure we provide our clients with the most current tools and advice.

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